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Join Our RUSH Class

Our 30min Rush class is a mix of strength and cardio where you will burn calories, get toned and have a great workout when time is tight. This class is perfect for all fitness levels, beginners and long time members. You'll never regret a workout after its done!!

Teens In CrossFit 

Functional fitness at any age is important and beneficial but the early teenage years can help build the mental confidence and physical skills that your daughter or son will use to accomplish anything they want!


 This strength and conditioning program will focus on age appropriate weight lifting, body weight movements and endurance training. A life style of fitness inside and outside of the gym is very important to us and this is the message we want pass on to all that come and workout with us.


 If your teen is already an athlete our program will help them to excel in their sport by teaching them proper mechanics,  recovery, nutrition, flexibility etc.  If your teen is not an athlete, our program will help them move from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle.

 CrossFit for teens will help develop not only a lifestyle of fitness but it will instil motivation, dedication, self confidence and worth and team-working skills.

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